The Soul Sync Deepening Course

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Taught by Preethaji - Founder of  O&O Academy

The Soul Sync Course is Preethaji’s gift to all those who seek to manifest abundance in their life through Awakening to the Power of One Consciousness.  In this Course, you will learn liberative wisdom and gain direct experience wherein lies the key to manifesting a life of your fondest dreams and accessing expansive, transcendental states of consciousness.


People of all ages and all walks of life use the Soul Sync as part of their regular practice. The Soul Sync has brought about synchronicities in everyday life as well as in critical situations. Many times it has been used in mindboggling ways leading to an unfolding of unbelievable magic, the Soul Sync has made dreams come true in an almost fairy tale manner.


Today it is being used widely by seekers to move into expanded states of ‘One Consciousness’, by students for better focus, by social activists to bring peace in communities prone to violence and by motivational gurus to take their students beyond motivation to living with a purpose.


This Course will take you step by step through the different stages of Soul Sync, so you too could start manifesting synchronicities and enjoy the benevolence as this Universe comes together to make your heartfelt intentions come true.


What People Are Saying:

“TO LIVE IN A JOY FILLED BEAUTIFUL STATE I want to share a joy filled experience I had at One World Academy. A couple of weeks ago I came to my favorite place in the world, OWA, to take the course called Field of Transformation. One of the main teachings from Krishnaji at OWA is to live in a joy filled beautiful state. From this state you are conscious not only of yourself but the other and all the others. And from this beautiful state intelligent decisions can be made and you open yourself up to many blessings. The second day of the course after morning yoga, I went body surfing. I caught the wave but it broke hard on the shore slamming me into the sand and causing multi fractures in my upper arm. My friends got me out of the water and soon thereafter many staff members were comforting me as I was in some pain. I remember looking at my fellow participants and saying to them why are you looking so sad? I was lifted into a car and taken to Chennai hospital emergency room. Lovingly, Yukteshji stayed with me all day and night while they ran tests to conclude my many fractures. Each attendant that came in, I started to have a personal relationship with as they were so kind after they saw me smile at them. I spent the night and next day surgery then released the following day. I was the whole time in such a loving beautiful state. Ravi Ji from the campus spent the second night with me and can attest how I was joking with everyone that attended. Before I left many of them wanted to take their picture with me. Upon my return to the campus, I learned my group were including me in their soul sync meditation. I felt so loved on my return from everyone. The pain subsided very quickly and the exercises my doc gave me improved in range remarkable. A few days ago I had my final visit with the doctor. He was stunned. He removed all the bandages and said he had never seen a wound heal so fast. He asked me about the exercises and I showed him. Again he could not believe the progress with the range of motion I was able to do in 10 days after the surgery. He jokingly said in India when someone heals so fast we call them a Saint. Why am I healing so fast? I was never in fear. I never played the “What if” game. Instead my thoughts were filled with how grateful I was to have so many supportive loving people really caring for my wellbeing. My thoughts were focused on the gratitude and it never occurred to me to be afraid. Did I want to have to go thru an operation, no. Did I need to? Yes. I returned yesterday to Los Angeles with the new found realization that other people like it when you let them show you they care. For me, I love to show people I care and now I love to receive others care as well. I can’t imagine if I was not in this beautiful state which I learned at OWA, what the last 2weeks could have been like, but then I don’t have to imagine it.”

Gale A Ricketts, USA

“COMING BACK HOME TO MYSELF Every morning I do Soul Sync, to me it’s like a coming back home to myself, to the inner bliss, to what I feel is my inner most space and this is somehow carried throughout the day. I wouldn’t say that I have immunity like nothing can touch me anymore, of course I get caught, I get anger and all that stuff but it doesn’t touch me that much anymore. I feel more settled within myself. This is what Soul Sync does for me…….to remember who I really am. That I am not the outside, that I am not the wanting, or the not wanting. I am the inner peace, this is very beautiful. This is a fantastic meditation.”

Michael Pieritz, Austria

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The Soul Sync Deepening Course $149.00 USD
Sales Tax:
Due Now $149.00 USD